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COT (Commitment of Traders) data plays a crucial role in analyzing market sentiment and making informed trading decisions. In this article, we will explore how to access and interpret COT data on tradingview, as well as its significance in the financial markets.

COT Data on TradingView

TradingView is a popular platform among traders for charting and technical analysis. It offers a range of tools and indicators, including the COT indicator. To access COT data on TradingView, you need to have a subscription to the platform’s premium account.

TradingView Premium Account Benefits

A TradingView premium account provides access to advanced features and functionalities, including the ability to view COT data. However, it’s important to note that there are no legitimate ways to obtain a TradingView premium account for free in 2022. Any claims otherwise may be scams or illegal activities.

Understanding COT Data

COT data provides insights into the positioning of different types of traders, including commercial traders, non-commercial traders, and small speculators, in the futures markets. It helps in identifying the market sentiment and potential trends.

Interpreting COT Data

Analyzing COT data can be complex, but it can significantly enhance your trading decisions. By comparing the positions of different trader groups and studying their historical trends, you can identify potential reversals, divergences, and market inefficiencies.

Multi-Time Frame Analysis on TradingView

TradingView allows you to perform multi-time frame analysis, which is a powerful technique for confirming trading signals and identifying trends across different timeframes. By combining COT data analysis with multi-time frame analysis, you can have a more comprehensive view of the market dynamics.

Utilizing the COT Indicator on TradingView

The COT indicator on TradingView can be customized to suit your trading strategy. You can tweak the settings, such as the period length and the types of trader categories to include or exclude. Experimenting with different settings and observing the results can help you find the most relevant information for your trading decisions.


COT data on TradingView offers valuable insights into market sentiment and can greatly improve your trading decisions. By understanding how to access and interpret COT data, and utilizing TradingView’s advanced features, you can stay ahead of the market and increase your chances of success. Remember to make informed decisions based on multiple factors and always practice risk management strategies in your trading activities.

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