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Tokyo is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, bustling streets, and unique attractions. One such attraction that has captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike is the shiba Inu statue. These adorable statues can be found throughout the city, serving as a testament to the popularity of the Shiba Inu breed and their significance in Japanese culture. In this article, we will dive into the world of Shiba Inu statues in Tokyo and discover where you can find them.

The Symbolism Behind Shiba Inu Statues

Shiba Inu statues hold a special meaning in Japanese society. The Shiba Inu is one of the oldest and smallest native Japanese dog breeds, known for their spirited and loyal nature. These statues represent qualities such as loyalty, protection, and good fortune. Many Japanese people believe that having a Shiba Inu statue in their homes or businesses brings luck and prosperity.

Finding Shiba Inu Statues in Tokyo

  • 1. Shibuya Crossing: As one of Tokyo’s busiest intersections, Shibuya Crossing is home to a bronze statue of Hachiko, the famous loyal dog. While not a Shiba Inu, this statue attracts countless visitors every day and is a must-see for dog lovers.
  • 2. Ueno Park: This sprawling park is home to multiple Shiba Inu statues, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll. Don’t miss the iconic bronze statue of Hachiko, which pays homage to the loyal dog’s unwavering dedication.
  • 3. Yoyogi Park: Head to Yoyogi Park to discover a hidden gem – a Shiba Inu statue that has become a popular photo spot for visitors. This charming statue captures the essence of the breed, making it a favorite among dog enthusiasts.
  • 4. Tokyo Tower: Located near the entrance of Tokyo Tower, you’ll find a unique Shiba Inu statue that welcomes visitors. Its vibrant colors and playful design make it a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists.
  • 5. Yushima Seido Shrine: This historic shrine not only offers a serene atmosphere but also features a Shiba Inu statue near its entrance. Take a moment to admire the statue’s details and learn about its significance in Japanese folklore.

Embracing the Shiba Inu Craze

Shiba Inus have gained immense popularity worldwide, and Tokyo has embraced this craze wholeheartedly. Apart from the statues, you can find various Shiba Inu-themed merchandise, cafes, and even dedicated events celebrating these beloved dogs. Whether you’re a dog lover or simply intrigued by Japanese culture, immersing yourself in the Shiba Inu craze is an experience not to be missed.


Exploring Shiba Inu statues in Tokyo offers a unique and memorable experience. These statues are more than just decorative pieces—they symbolize loyalty, protection, and good fortune. Whether you visit Shibuya Crossing, Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Tower, or Yushima Seido Shrine, you’ll be able to appreciate the charm and significance of these adorable statues. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the magic that Shiba Inu statues bring to the vibrant city of Tokyo.

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