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cryptocurrency trading has gained significant popularity in recent years, and many traders are constantly looking for efficient ways to manage their portfolios. In this article, we will explore the integration of Koinly with phemex, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange. By integrating these two platforms, traders can streamline their tax reporting and have a better understanding of their trading activities.

What is Koinly?

Koinly is a powerful cryptocurrency tax software that helps individuals and businesses automate the process of calculating and filing their tax obligations. It seamlessly connects with various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to import transaction data, making it easier to generate accurate tax reports.

What is Phemex?

Phemex is a leading cryptocurrency derivatives platform that allows traders to buy and sell digital assets using various trading instruments. It offers advanced features such as spot trading, leverage trading, and futures trading, attracting both beginner and experienced traders.

Why Integrate Koinly with Phemex?

Integrating Koinly with Phemex brings several benefits to crypto traders. Here are the key reasons why you should consider integrating these two platforms:

1. Automated Data Sync: Integrating Koinly with Phemex allows for seamless and automatic synchronization of transaction data. This eliminates the need for manual entry and reduces the risk of errors in your tax calculations.

2. Accurate Tax Reporting: Koinly utilizes advanced algorithms to calculate your tax liabilities based on your trading activities. By integrating it with Phemex, you can ensure accurate tax reporting, taking into account all your trades on the exchange.

3. Real-Time Portfolio Tracking: With the integration, Koinly can track your Phemex portfolio in real-time. You can easily monitor your holdings, their current values, and the overall performance of your portfolio, helping you make informed decisions.

How to Integrate Koinly with Phemex?

Integrating Koinly with Phemex is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Sign up for an account on both Koinly and Phemex if you haven’t already.

2. In Koinly, go to the “Add wallet” section and select “Phemex” as the exchange wallet.

3. Connect your Phemex API key to Koinly. To do this, log in to your Phemex account and navigate to the API Management section. Generate a new API key with read-only permission.

4. Copy the API key generated by Phemex and paste it into the corresponding field in Koinly.

5. Click on the “Connect” button and wait for Koinly to import your transaction data from Phemex.

6. Once the data is imported, Koinly will automatically categorize your transactions and generate detailed tax reports.


Integrating Koinly with Phemex is a wise choice for crypto traders who want to simplify their tax reporting and gain better insights into their trading activities. By automating the process of syncing transaction data and calculating tax liabilities, Koinly helps minimize the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation. If you’re a Phemex user, take advantage of this integration and enjoy a seamless experience in managing your crypto portfolio.

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